How to Reduce Exposure to Mercury in Fish

Mary Ann Hitt, Beyond Coal Campaign Director with the Sierra Club with information on toxic mercury in fish. Emission from coal-fired power plants is the leading cause of mercury pollution and subsequent bio-accumulation in seafood. The heavy metals spew into the air and then settle in the ocean where they collect in the fatty tissues of our favorite fish.

The EPA warns pregnant women or women looking to become pregnant about the dangers of mercury on unborn children. The agency says stay away from big, predator fish like Swordfish, Orange Ruffie and even Ahi tuna. They tend to have the highest mercury concentrations because they feed on smaller fish that are also exposed to mercury.

But it’s not just women. In men, mercury can increase the risk of heart disease.

Trout, Salmon and other fish, including Tilapia contain far less mercury and won’t pose as much risk to seafood lovers.

The Sierra Club has more information about mercury pollution and finding safe fish to eat.

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