Earth Day Celebrates People

For over 50 years, human audiences have been fascinated by natural history television shows and big screen movies. From Disney Nature to Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, we have explored every crack and crevice of the planet in search of weird, wonderful and unexpected creatures that share the planet with us.

In recent years, entire television networks devoted to life on Earth have dotted the cable TV landscape. Discovery Communications signature Discovery Channel, Planet Green, the Science Channel, National Geographic and even Animal Planet all share one thing in common. They all examine the curious world around us from the perspectives of plants, animals and other unknown Earthly inhabitants.

Now, the makers of the award-winning series Planet Earth and Life are turning the camera around and looking at the most intelligent and creative creature to ever roam the planet — us.

This Earth Day, we know that the ice caps are melting at an alarming rate, that sea levels are rising faster than they should naturally. We know that we need to recycle, consume less and reuse more. These typical Earth Day messages ring a little hollow since many of us are concerned with these problems all year long. We don’t need to set aside a special day to focus on the Earth. It’s front and center in our minds all the time.

So this Earth Day, let’s celebrate ourselves, our unimaginable achievements, our place in this world and our ability to solve our most complex social and natural problems.

Happy Earth Day!

WHAM TV’s Norma Holland talks to Dale Templar, producer of the Discovery Channel series The Human Planet.

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