On Creationists, Blogs and Science Debates

Paul Z Myers, evolutionary developmental biologist

Outspoken blogger and evolutionary biologist PZ Myers spoke in front of a packed house of science writers, scientists and curious onlookers at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle on Monday night.

He told the story of getting kicked out of a movie called “Expelled,” in which he had a starring role. He talked about why the Seattle-based Discovery Institute and its idea of Intelligent Design won’t last. He gets the occasional death threat and runs the most popular science blog around. Pharyngula gets about 1.5 million people a month and is part of the Seed magazine blog pile at Science Blogs.

Northwest Science Writers Association and Forum on Science Ethics and Policy sponsored the evening, which was divided into two parts–a general presenation which included a powerpoint presentation and then a question and answer period.

Both files are below. MSNBC.com Science Editor Alan Boyle has a PZ Myers post on his Cosmic Log blog.

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